Herdade da Corisca

Private holiday home in Costa Vicentina, Alentejo, Portugal

"I like to sit out on the back patio terrace, after a beach day in Porto Covo, and listen the silent night sounds while inundated in mesmerised thoughts under Alentejos' increadible pitch black night sky. An ideal retreat and vacation home that gives you beyond."

Vaz, Recurring Guest

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Herdade da Corisca

Private hire for up to 18 people / €850 night

• Private property of 804000 square meters
• Restaurants: In easy driving distance (23 mins by car)
• Supermakets: In easy driving distance (23 mins by car)
• Santiago do Cacém Town: 15km (23 mins by car)
• Porto Covo Village: 18km (23 mins by car)
• Local attraction: Badoca Safari Park 21km (28 mins by car)
• Sines coastline Town: 23km (33 mins by car)
• Vila Nova de Milfontes Town: 36km (42 mins by car)
• Zambujeira do Mar Town: 55km (56 mins by car)

• Praia de São Torpes: 16.9km (21 mins by car)
• Porto Covo main beaches: 21.7km (27 mins by car)
• Praia da Samoqueira: 21.7km (27 mins by car)
• Praia Grande de Porto Covo: 22.1km (27 mins by car)
• Praia dos Buizinhos: 22.5km (27 mins by car)
• Praia da Baía de Porto Covo: 23.2km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Engardaceira: 23.8km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Foz: 22km (22 mins by car)
• Praia de Morgavel: 22.1km (22 mins by car)
• Praia dos Canudos: 22.3km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Ilha do Pessegueiro: 22.5km (28 mins by car)
• Praia do Areão: 25.4km (33 mins by car)

• Quickest route:
   via Vasco da Gama bridge
   156km (1 hr 46 mins by car)
• Secondary route:
   via 25 de Abril bridge
   164km (1 hr 53 mins by car)

• Quickest route:
   via A2 main highway
   175km (1 hr 53 mins by car)
• Secondary route:
   via IC1 highway
   180km (2 hr 08 mins by car)

This property offers easy COVID-19 cancellation terms:
In case of official travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, guests can cancel free of charge up to 21 days before arrival and receive a voucher to be used for a future stay or receive a full refund. Please read the cancellation policy for details before booking.

You’ll stay in a secluded private holiday home in Costa Vicentina with its own pool accesses.
You’ll also have some of the best Portuguese beaches and restaurants in easy driving distance.
And if you want to reach the crowd, the towns of Sines, Jambujeira do Mar, Vila Nova de MIlfontes, and Santiago do Cacém are only a few minutes away.

An introduction to Corisca Herdade

Tranquility Redefined: Herdade da Corisca – Your Exclusive Retreat in Costa Vicentina’s Enchanting Alentejo Landscape

Nestled in the coveted Costa Vicente region, renowned as one of Portugal’s most sought-after vacation destinations, Herdade da Corisca stands as an oasis of tranquility amid the captivating Alentejo landscape. Here, the allure lies in its idyllic seclusion, providing an enchanting retreat where privacy and serenity reign supreme. Despite this secluded ambiance, the property remains conveniently located just a mere 23 minutes away from the picturesque coastline and its pristine beaches.

As an exclusive private holiday home that can comfortably accommodate up to 18 guests, Herdade da Corisca offers a truly immersive experience, granting you the opportunity to reconnect with nature in a profound and meaningful way. With an expansive 804,000 square meters of land at your disposal, the estate becomes a sanctuary exclusively for you and your companions. Adorned with magnificent native cork oaks, holly/holm oaks, a scattering of olive trees, and the gentle sway of eucalyptus trees, the ambiance exudes tranquility and natural beauty.

Rest assured, peace, quietness, and utmost privacy are guaranteed throughout your stay, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the subtle symphony of nature’s melodies. As day transforms into night, prepare to be captivated by a jaw-dropping celestial display, as the night sky unveils a panorama of stars that will forever etch itself in your memory.

Herdade da Corisca invites you to escape the demands of daily life, providing an unparalleled countryside experience that transcends expectations. Here, you will rediscover the harmony of nature and find solace in the embrace of this extraordinary sanctuary.

Describing the house

The house itself has a total 637.75sqm of space in a L shaped form. The main area has a large living room with large windows over the landscape and poolside. Here you’ll find several options for entertainment, from board games, to ping-pong and table footbale, a fireplace, and access to a large patio with outside furniture, BBQ grill and swimming-pool.

From the main area you also have access to the kitchen, two of the rooms with a shared bathroom, the large dining room and corridor to all other rooms (5 suites, one of which with 4 bunk beds).
The large dining room has a large dining table and a couple sitting areas, fireplace and accesses to the patio and swimming-pool. There’s also a toilet accessible from outside as support to the patio and swimming-pool. You can also access the kitchen and all the other 5 rooms.

Most rooms are ensuite; 1 with a bathtub, 4 with large showers. 2 other bedrooms have a shared bathroom with bathtub.
6 bedrooms with double beds, 1 with two singles (or a double bed if preferred), and 1 with 4 bunk-beds. All rooms are spacious and have access to the patio and swimming-pool.
The swimming-pool is heated for night swimming and Autumn/Winter purposes.

Describing the property

This private holiday home in Costa Vicentina is a property of 804000sqm, filled with breathtaking native cork oaks, holly/holm oaks, a few olive trees and eucalyptus trees. Peace, quietness and privacy are a guarantee, while immersed in the daily sounds of nature with a jaw dropping night sky view that is beyond memorable.

Walks among nature on property include:
• 26 ha of pine trees
• 10 ha of cork trees
• 10 ha of lupin
• 10 ha of wheat

Sustainability & Biodiversity

As Life Has Returned to Corisca

Through unwavering dedication to ensuring the property’s complete sustainability and fostering a thriving local biodiversity, an enchanting symphony comes alive each day. Melodious birdsongs resonate through the air, while vibrant butterflies gracefully flit around the house. Frogs and ducks add their own unique chorus, their croaks and quacks echoing during leisurely walks around the property. Perhaps, even fish, delicately carried in their paws, have found their way to these harmonious surroundings.

As dusk descends, water bats gracefully take flight, their presence etching intricate patterns across the sky with each flutter. The gentle evening breeze carries their murmurs, casting a sense of wonderment upon us. It is awe-inspiring to witness how all this abundant life intertwines, transforming the landscape into an immersive tapestry. Such experiences are made possible by the land itself, the carefully cultivated plantations, the serene lakes we have created, and the blessing of rainfall. Together, they have facilitated the restoration of a truly remarkable and unique biodiversity, which we are delighted to share with you today.

The Rebirth of Herdade da Corisca and How It Happened

Amidst the abundant beauty and thriving biodiversity that graces every corner of our property, many inquire about the secret to its transformation. Since its acquisition, we embarked on a journey of revitalization, breathing new life into the land. Through meticulous efforts, we crafted four enchanting lakes, each a testament to our commitment. We dedicated ten acres to nurturing lupine, enriching the soil with its natural fertility, and another ten acres to sustainably feed the diverse array of animals that now call this place home.

Furthermore, we meticulously pruned the pine forest, olive trees, fig trees, and quince trees, breathing vitality into their existence. A biological garden now thrives, boasting fifty newly planted fruit trees and an assortment of indigenous plants. These vibrant additions infuse the once barren landscape with a kaleidoscope of colors while offering sanctuary to an array of life that was once on the brink of extinction.

Today, as we marvel at the resplendent biodiversity that graces our land, it is a testament to our unwavering dedication and the miraculous transformation that has unfolded. The once lifeless expanse has now become a sanctuary of grace and magnificence, offering a glimpse into the harmonious interplay between nature and nurture.

Our Sustainable Approach and How We Make It Happen

We take immense pride in highlighting that our entire property operates on a foundation of 100% sustainability. Every aspect of our operations reflects our unwavering commitment to the environment:

1. Composting: Instead of relying on plastic-based fertilizers, we’ve been implemented a composting system that enriches the soil naturally. This sustainable approach minimizes waste and nurtures the land in harmony with nature.

2. Water Conservation: Our water source comes directly from a well, ensuring a local and sustainable water supply. Through advanced filtration methods, we provide clean water for drinking, washing, and everyday use. We encourage responsible water consumption, valuing its scarcity and aiming to minimize wastage. Furthermore, our pool is treated with salt, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals while maintaining a sustainable aquatic environment.

3. Solar Power: Embracing the power of renewable energy, our property is equipped with solar panels that power our facilities, reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources.

By integrating these sustainable practices into our property, we strive to harmonize comfort and luxury with a deep respect for the environment. We firmly believe that responsible choices and innovative solutions pave the way for a brighter, greener future.

Responsible Tourism Policy

Recognizing the paramount importance of sustainable tourism development and embracing the principles outlined in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism, Herdade da Corisca remains steadfast in its commitment to implementing sustainable practices throughout its operations. We understand that it is our responsibility to minimize, prevent, and mitigate the impact of our facilities and activities, both internally and externally. By doing so, we aim to optimize the establishment’s sustainability and foster a positive environmental footprint.

To achieve these goals, Herdade da Corisca has adopted a comprehensive responsible tourism policy. This policy ensures our compliance with the requirements set forth in the Biosphere Certificate, which encompasses legal obligations governing the effects generated by our tourist activities. By adhering to these standards, we prioritize responsible practices and align ourselves with environmentally conscious guidelines.

In pursuit of these objectives, we actively motivate and train our employees through ongoing education and awareness initiatives focused on the principles of Responsible Tourism. We promote and encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly practices, both internally and externally. Additionally, we strive to foster transparency by providing regular updates and communication, both internally and externally, regarding the progress and environmental initiatives undertaken by our company.

Furthermore, we are resolute in our commitment to combatting all forms of commercial exploitation and harassment. We firmly believe in promoting inclusivity and accessibility, and thus, we pledge to implement measures that ensure equal access for individuals with disabilities, including those with sensory, physical, intellectual, and mental challenges.

At the core of our mission is the continual improvement of sustainable management practices encompassing social, economic, and environmental dimensions. We remain dedicated to enhancing customer satisfaction while maintaining a steadfast focus on sustainability across all aspects of our operations.

Main features

Private hire for up to 18 people / €850 night

Facilities and services

Cleaning services and cooking upon request and subject to availability.
We’ll do our best to privide any assistance so you can have a wonderfull stay.

At this private holiday home in Costa Vicentina, our host who will receive you is available 24/7 for any questions and needs regarding the property and the region.

For restaurant recommendations, local attraction suggestions and main activities that can be found in the area, do view the Things to do page for detailed information and direct contact with local services.


Inland property 
with Outdoor-heated swimming pool (15.5x6m / 50.85×19.7 feet)
Mirror pool with loungers

Outdoor dining area at the main terrace
Breakfast/dining area by the kitchen
Dining table on the terrace and near the pool
Fully equipped kitchen with appliances
Day-beds and sun loungers
Wi-Fi (indoor & outdoor)
Satellite TV

Smart Samsung TV
DVD player
Sonos sound system indoors
Air conditioning
 and Heating
Private parking 
- Staff quarter occupied by the live-in staff 
- Laundry room
Playroom area

Things to do

The entire Costa Vicentina coastline is renowned for its beaches and summer life, where you can find some of the best surf spots of the country, visit a local town and socialize during the day, as well as jump into a summer festival or famous nighclub.
Added to that, you’ll find a diversity of landmarks and cultural features worth visiting, traditional local shops and exquisite restaurants, street fairs and local music events.

Discover more through our page dedicated to the main chosen attractions and favourite summer activities in the region, by clicking below.

The location of Herdade da Corisca

The property sits within 804000sqm of land, accessed through a 5km dirt road, and surrounded by vast properties in a secluded region. Neighbors aren’t found unless leaving the property by car.

• Coastline Restaurants: 15 to 18km (23 mins by car)
• Supermakets: in easy driving distance (23 mins by car)
• Santiago do Cacém Town: 15km (23 mins by car)
• Porto Covo Village: 18km (23 mins by car)
• Badoca Safari Park: 21km (28 mins by car)
• Sines coastline Town: 23km (33 mins by car)
• Vila Nova de Milfontes Town: 36km (42 mins by car)

• Praia de São Torpes: 16.9km (21 mins by car)
• Porto Covo main beaches: 21.7km (27 mins by car)
• Praia da Samoqueira: 21.7km (27 mins by car)
• Praia Grande de Porto Covo: 22.1km (27 mins by car)
• Praia dos Buizinhos: 22.5km (27 mins by car)
• Praia da Baía de Porto Covo: 23.2km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Engardaceira: 23.8km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Foz: 22km (22 mins by car)
• Praia de Morgavel: 22.1km (22 mins by car)
• Praia dos Canudos: 22.3km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Ilha do Pessegueiro: 22.5km (28 mins by car)
• Praia do Areão: 25.4km (33 mins by car)

• Praia do Almograve
• Praia do Tonel
• Praia da Zambujeira do Mar (and village)
• Praia da Samouqueira
• Praia da Amoreira (beach front and river bank-side beaches)

When is the best time to visit

The Costa Vicentina coastline is known for its wonderful weather most of the year, blessed by a sort of micro-climate where sunny days and clear blue skies are abundant. And being a property sitting 23 minuts away from the coast, the Herdade has the best of the Alentejo breeze and heat mixed with the colorful clean days of the coastline.

And even so, where the Winter is a smooth yet chilly time of the year, Spring and Summer are largely the best seasons to visit. Starting from early May to late September, whatever the time you choose you’ll get the best of the Portuguese weather, landscapes and culture all together.

Private holiday home in Costa Vicentina