Things to do in Costa Vicentina

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Private holiday home in Costa Vicentina, Alentejo, Portugal

Dining and Wine Tasting

When it comes to the Portuguese kitchen its hard not to find a good place to eat. However there are always those favourite spots that both locals and tourists find above and beyond expectations.
That said, we detail below what to us fits as an outstanding culinary experience in the region and that we believe you’ll be repeating during your stay.

Dining in Porto Covo and Sines
Dining in Vila Nova de Milfontes
Wine Tasting

Things to do in Costa Vicentina


When talking about surf paradises the Costa Vicentina coastline fits right in expectations. Known for the mesmerizing experiences of surfing in Portugal, here you’ll find the best beaches with the best sceneries.

If you’re new to surfing and would love to try it out, there’s a large number of great surf schools nearby. Here are a couple we can suggest for you to get started.

Safari and Black Pig Thematic Park

Only 28 minutes away you’ll find Alentejo’s famous Badoca Safari Park and Resort, a perfect activity for a family stroll and day off at a fun park and animal resort with rafting and activities all around.

And for the Gin lovers who also enjoy black pig delights, you’ll find only 31 minutes away the black pig theme park Vila do Gin. The perfect activity for those who seek a creative distraction just for the adults.

Beach hunting

Discover and get to experience the most exquisite beaches in Portugal, in the famous Costa Vicentina beachline, in what’s considered one of Europe’s best beach locations.
When seeking things to in Costa Vicentina, Portugal, nothing beats the perfect beach day!

• Praia de São Torpes: 16.9km (21 mins by car)
• Porto Covo main beaches: 21.7km (27 mins by car)
• Praia da Samoqueira: 21.7km (27 mins by car)
• Praia Grande de Porto Covo: 22.1km (27 mins by car)
• Praia dos Buizinhos: 22.5km (27 mins by car)
• Praia da Baía de Porto Covo: 23.2km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Engardaceira: 23.8km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Foz: 22km (22 mins by car)
• Praia de Morgavel: 22.1km (22 mins by car)
• Praia dos Canudos: 22.3km (28 mins by car)
• Praia da Ilha do Pessegueiro: 22.5km (28 mins by car)
• Praia do Areão: 25.4km (33 mins by car)

• Praia do Almograve
• Praia do Tonel
• Praia da Zambujeira do Mar (and village)
• Praia da Samouqueira
• Praia da Amoreira (beach front and river bank-side beaches)

Horseback ridding

For all the horse lovers, Alentejo is the perfect place to experience horseback ridding along the vast countryside views and beaches. In what would be consdered one of the favourite thigs to do in Costa Vicentina, Portugal, here’s where you can encounter places to ride a horse, either along the costline or in a field, we offer the followingsuggestions.

Town spotting

Looking to make a day out of a nice stroll through the Portuguese coastline roads and visit a few towns and villages? Here’s a list of what we consider the most interesting towns around.

• Santiago do Cacém Town: 15km (23 mins by car)
• Porto Covo Village: 18km (23 mins by car)
• Sines coastline Town: 23km (33 mins by car)
• Vila Nova de Milfontes Town: 36km (42 mins by car)
• Zambujeira do Mar Town: 55km (56 mins by car)


With so many nice spots to grab your skate and hang around with other skaters, you’ll find the best locations to be at:

• Porto Covo Village center: 18km (23 mins by car)
• Sines coastline Town center: 23km (33 mins by car)
• Zambujeira do Mar Town center: 55km (56 mins by car)


Biking is definitely one of the most relaxing experiences you can have. While blissfully pedaling along the coastline roads of Costa Vicentina, it’s also a great way to visit small local villages and towns where you’ll discover increadible local traditional restaurants, shops and fairs.

Themed street fairs

Themed fairs take over the streets almost every evening and weekend in local towns and villages, where you can find remarkable cultural art pieces, fresh local food, and so much more.

Traditional shops

Tradiitonal shops will be easy to find around here. Jump into any local town and village and you’ll find a variety of traditional Portuguese shops.

Things to do in Costa Vicentina